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Hi, my name is Jamy

I am a Soul Activator. My transmission is to awaken your own deep connection to your gifts and your truth.  My job is to help you get out of your own damn way so that you can create the change in this world that you came here to bring!

As an activator, I help light/shadow workers and change makers that have done all of the conscious mindset and manifestation work and are still spinning their wheels, unable to find the roots of the unconscious self sabotage.

If you are sick of wading through the muck and are ready to get really honest with yourself about what is standing between where you are and where you desire to be, I am here for you!

Welcome to my little corner of the web.  I am a Galactic Soul Activator, with tools emotional clearing, astrology, ancestral healing and NLP/hypnotheray to assist you in all levels of your being.

Lets get you moving full speed ahead in your souls mission.

The Spiral
The Spiral is a deep transformational journey that clears unconscious conditioning and emotional baggage, allowing us to experience higher states of consciousness.  This 7 Step Journey combines ideas from Spiral Dynamics, David Hawkin’s Levels of Consciousness, the Chakra System and the Chinese Meridian map to quickly and accurately clear our personal unconscious triggers associated with 22 of the most common human emotions.  This process allows us to get out of our own way by removing the blocks between where we are, and where we desire to be.

Ancestral Healing Session

Most of us were born with inherited trauma passed through our physical and soul families. The trauma isn’t our “fault” but we can step in to transmute it, for ourselves, for our ancestors and for the generations that come after us. Human Consciousness is evolving and expanding and we stand in a space in time where we have more ability than ever before to heal and clear the energy and wounds of our ancestors, wounds that have been traveling through our families. And this work isn’t just for your family, it plays a huge role in creating change, clearing for the collective and raising the vibration of humanity, as we release heavy energy that affects the planet.


3 Month Mentoring Program


Let me help you clear the blocks that are keeping you from your soul work.  You have all of the knowledge and tools and knowing within you….parts of it are currently dormant or veiled.   This 3 month group and 1:1 work supports you in getting clear on what is standing between where you are in your life and where you desire to be.  I hold you through the journey with honest and clear guidance,  and a commitment to activating a connection to your highest truth.

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“Every meeting left me just amazed at what I gained and how much more I could see of myself.  Jamy has a way of gently and directly saying exactly what it is I needed to hear to get me around whatever was in the way of my next step.  The words that come through her resonate with things I thought I knew and yet when she says them they land deeper within my consciousness and I understand on a soul level what I need to do next.  It is like just spending time with her gives me new levels of awareness and she transmits wisdom and knowledge that I can apply directly to my life.  My life and business has changed dramatically in 3 months, but even more amazing is the new way that I walk through life now.  I am a more evolved version of me and I am so grateful for the powerful transmission of love and acceptance that Jamy brings to the world.”

– Amy

“Jamy Schumacher has such a pure, passionate and vibrant energy and this comes through in her work. I have had the pleasure of having my natal chart reading and mind-blowing! Truly. How she explains it and the information given really helped me understand me. So much so that I know use Jamy in one of the packages I offer, that is how much I love and trust her. 5 out of 5 for sure! Thanks Jamy Schumacher, I have said it before and I will say it again – an inspirational woman!”


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I’m an expansion mentor.

I help individuals transform their lives and connect with their infinite potential.

My gift is a transmission that awakens the awareness of, and access to, the limitless possibilities that surround you in every moment.

Let me help you drop in to a life that harnesses your infinite potential!

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