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Hi, my name is Jamy

My soul purpose is to awaken a connection to your inner divine, help you to discover your infinite potential and drop into a life rooted in soul aligned expansion.

I am deeply grateful that you have found your way to my little corner of the web.  I am an astrologer, an ancestral healer, a Spiral Practitioner (coming March 1), a Second Step Initiate in the Lineage of King Solomon, Life Activation Practitioner and NLP Practitioner/Hypnotherapist.

The Spiral

The Spiral is a deep transformational journey that clears unconscious conditioning and emotional baggage, allowing us to experience higher states of consciousness.  This 7 Step Journey combines ideas from Spiral Dynamics, David Hawkin’s Levels of Consciousness, the Chakra System and the Chinese Meridian map to quickly and accurately clear our personal unconscious triggers associated with 22 of the most common human emotions.  This process allows us to get out of our own way by removing the blocks between where we are, and where we desire to be.

Ancestral Healing Session

Most of us were born with inherited trauma passed through our physical and soul families. The trauma isn’t our “fault” but we can step in to transmute it, for ourselves, for our ancestors and for the generations that come after us. Human Consciousness is evolving and expanding and we stand in a space in time where we have more ability than ever before to heal and clear the energy and wounds of our ancestors, wounds that have been traveling through our families. And this work isn’t just for your family, it plays a huge role in creating change, clearing for the collective and raising the vibration of humanity, as we release heavy energy that affects the planet.

Natal Chart Activation

Your natal chart is a map of the heavens at the moment you were born. It acts as a map, an outline, a key, a blueprint, and we get to choose which direction we take, which story we create, which doors we open, and what we ultimately build in this lifetime. When we understand the language of astrology, we begin to see insights about our highest potential and where we choose to experience our deepest soul evolution (*read “our challenges”). A natal chart activation awakens a deep soul connection to your higher self.

“I can’t believe how incredible Jamy’s astrology reading was for me. I bawled, my intuition was confirmed, my struggles made sense and she guided me to protect myself from all the energy I feel. Best of all she reminded me there’s something to learn from ups and downs. I know we will have a long working relationship there is so much more she can do to help me grow and be the best in this life I can be.”



“Jamy Schumacher has such a pure, passionate and vibrant energy and this comes through in her work. I have had the pleasure of having my natal chart reading and mind-blowing! Truly. How she explains it and the information given really helped me understand me. So much so that I know use Jamy in one of the packages I offer, that is how much I love and trust her. 5 out of 5 for sure! Thanks Jamy Schumacher, I have said it before and I will say it again – an inspirational woman!”


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I’m more than a life or spiritual coach — I help individuals transform their lives and connect with their divine essence. My gift is a transmission that awakens the awareness of infinite possibilities surrounding us in every moment. Let me help you drop in to your infinite potential!

Activating The Goddess Within

A sacred temple space created for a journey within yourself to awaken your connection to Divine Source and empower you to live life as the goddess that you are.

Healing the Sisterhood Wound

Free Group to explore the collective wound around relationships between women in our lives. We are called to do the work within ourselves to heal the collective.

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